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About two months ago, I preemptively launched King Nobody. For the first time in my life, I planned the shit out of something, I had a 14 step program to launch King Nobody. I was going to use Formula Drift: Long Beach as our big jumping off point. I jump started everything when I realized I was over planning everything, I wasn’t able to sleep at night, not because I was excited but because I was already nervous to launch something new.  So I just went for it! I converted OMGDrift’s old Instagram to the new King Nobody account and the response was actually pretty good. I expected to lose about 10,000 of our 100,000 followers on there, so far we’ve only lost about 4,000 followers so I’m totally excited about that. Social media followers are some weird construct anyways, here today and gone tomorrow.

However, while I’m keeping the social media very updated, the same four posts remained on the website and I hadn’t put any effort into the website. This is a mistake I told myself I wouldn’t repeat and here I was immediately doing it again. Let’s fast forward to tonight, the 11th, and I somehow managed to break everything on the back end. I didn’t back anything up and I lost everything. In the process of migrating servers, I stumbled across and old website I joked about starting (known as ShitParty) and I went through it all and absolutely loved how that site looked. So here I am again, ready to officially get shit moving!

I titled this post “A Fresh Start” because as much as I loved OMGDrift and all the opportunities it afforded me, I felt like I had put us in a very tight box, where we couldn’t diversify. This lack of diversity is something that started to eat away at me and while I love drifting, cars, and motorsports, I really started to resent it all.

So here we go, here’s a fresh start!

-Drew Fishbein

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