STAFF INTRO POST >>> Hi I’m Adam Rous…

STAFF INTRO POST >>> Hi I’m Adam Rous…

…and you may remember me from such media outlets as OMGDrift… and well that’s about it (and you probably have no idea who I am)… Thats me ^ 

Before I go anywhere with this, I just want to say Drew and Caitlin are the most amazing people! Without these guys I wouldn’t have been able to achieve half of what I have done. They have given me some amazing opportunities and effectively took a stranger from the UK (me) into their home for a week and gave a pretty awesome tour of what the Californian drift scene had to offer! So both of you, thank you and keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll be right along side (although due to how the planet works, about 11 hours ahead).

Quickly to sum myself up and who I am:
Name: Adam Rous
Location: South East England
Age: 22
Allergic to Cheese
Cats are awesome
Oh, favourite car: JZX100 MK2
My Car: Ford Fiesta MK6… (i’m not gonna lie, its not this low yet but I’ll be happy with this!)

So, onto how I started in the photography world. Like most, I didn’t really know many people when I started. It was just a case of a lot of youtube and internet searching to see the type of equipment I would need, get it as cheap as possible and learn the basics! My first camera was a canon 500d with the kit lens and a 55-250 zoom. I shot a good couple of years with this setup, and I actually really enjoyed it! It taught me a huge amount and most of what I know now! Forcing myself to shoot in full manual to squeeze all I could from what it could give, I didn’t decide to upgrade until I knew that the only thing stopping my progression was the equipment. I never wanted to be the guy with all the gear and no idea, I pretty much wanted to reverse that! So, as I said I used this simple setup for about two years, shooting pretty much every month at my local track. I decided to progress onto a canon 70d, 17-55 2.8, 70-200 f4L and a nifty 50. Not a massive jump but one that felt right at the time. I knew I still wasn’t ready for full frame, and didn’t want to own one until I was! Again, I spent two years with this setup, before acquiring my current one in July 2016. My kit right now is a Canon 6D, Sigma 70-200 2.8 and a Canon 17-40 F4L. I had to recently sell my Sigma 35mm F1.4 art which I miss too much! I shall have it back soon!

It has only really come to be in the past half a year/ year that I can say that I am starting to like what I am producing. Like many, I am my own worst critic and will try and find a fault in every image that I produce. However, what I am finding is that these faults are becoming less and less. I don’t really know what I’m doing differently as I have always shot in the same style. It could be the equipment, it could be that I am becoming less harsh on myself and more open to interpretation. I haven’t got a clue really but its nice to finally start enjoying my own photos. It took nearly 5 years but we’re getting there! It’s a good feeling and hopefully it sticks around, encouraging me to push myself further, safe in the knowledge that whatever I am doing its making me happy.

As well as photography, another thing I enjoy is graphic design. In no way do I proclaim to be a graphic designer, but it’s something that I enjoy doing at home. Its the same feeling as editing a photograph for me. You start with an Idea of how it will look finished, and tweak it along the way until you are happy! Of course, being heavily into cars and drifting I naturally went down that route. I am a sucker for late 90’s/early 2000 D1GP style, and the general style of that era. A well placed manufacture logo and a subtle or not so subtle tribal/flame/flag finish the look off nicely! This is some stuff I have come up with in the past, starting with my most recent:

It’s an amazing feeling creating a design then seeing it come to life. I am lucky to have had this happen a few times, and it never fails to put a lasting smile on my face. Its still mad to think that someone wants to put something you have created on their car. In a way its an honor, and I will forever be thankful to the people who have given me such an opportunity!

I try and dabble with various other types of photography when I can. Living in the UK we mainly have 4 types of weather. Cold and no rain, Cold and rain, Cold, wind and rain (which is shit) and occasionally Cold and sunny. Its very rare to get good natural lighting, which is why when its there you take that opportunity by the balls and do something with it! Go to the right places in the UK and it really is a lovely place!

I think for now this is enough for a little intro post. My aim is to try and bring you all some amazing content of pretty much whatever interests me. It will be mostly drift related as that will always be a huge part of my life, but I also want to post up about just general things that I enjoy. Graphic design work, interesting places to visit, interesting people, people doing interesting things!? With the launch of kingnobody, I like that I can broaden my horizons and shoot and talk about pretty much anything! Its a good feeling and one that I hope will make this small yet pretty awesome part of the internet a great place to visit! I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer!

I will leave with some more pictures for your eyes to see.

Hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,
Adam Rous

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