We go to Las Vegas a lot, and I mean a whole lot. There are times where we end up there twice a month for work and while we always try to maximize our time there, we never seem to be able to book a model in Vegas. Since we knew we had a work trip coming up, we reached out to our friend Sophie Cooper to see if she wanted to go with us and shoot for a few days alongside our other work.

We were put up in the Palms Place hotel in a large suite, which allowed us to really use the room and all it’s different looks.

For the countless time we’ve stayed at the Palms Place, this is the first time we’ve been granted balcony access which was a really cool experience. We kept playing with light and reflections, like this shot where we’re actually outside on the balcony and using the reflection of the city behind her.

The huge windows and hardwood floors are what really got us, we love switching up outfits to give a totally different vibe here.

We were already totally blown away by everything we were getting that night. We were two looks deep and we easily shot six different outfits and locations that night.

Hotel room art has never looked cooler.

That’s it for this post, we’ll have more up in the coming days from our Las Vegas adventure!

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